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Catastrophe Indices and Quantification Inc. (CatIQ) delivers detailed analytical and meteorological information on Canadian natural and man-made catastrophes. Through its online subscription-based application, CatIQ combines comprehensive insured loss and exposure indices, as well as other related information, to better serve the needs of the insurance / reinsurance industries, public sector and other stakeholders.


2018/2019 Advisory Committee Members

Joel Baker
President & CEO,
MSA Research Inc. and
CatIQ Inc.
Kim Court
Catastrophe Exposure Analysis,
Northbridge Financial Corporation
Paul Cutbush
SVP, Catastrophe Management,
Balz Grollimund
Head Treaty Underwriting
Swiss Reinsurance Company Canada
Steve Johnston
Director, National Farm Portfolio
Co-operators Group
Mazdak Moini
Vice President,
Commercial Lines and Reinsurance,
Aviva Canada
Glenn McGillivray
Managing Director,
Harry Moss
Data Modeling Analyst,
CatIQ Inc.
Alison Porter
SVP, Head of Treaty,
SCOR Canada Reinsurance.
Chris Rol
Senior Policy Advisor,
Sean Russell
Managing Director,
Guy Carpenter & Company Ltd.
Becky Sheffman
CatIQ Inc.
Eric Steen
EVP, Reinsurance,
Alex J. Todd
Property and Special Risks Executive Canada,
AIG Canada
Laura Twidle
Director of Catastrophic Loss Analysis,
CatIQ Inc.
Rebecca Wagner
Associate Director, Prediction Services Operations - Central Region, MSC,
Environment and Climate Change Canada

Latest News & Press Releases
Monday, October 15, 2018 - The Federation of Canadian Municipalities to Host the Workshop at CatIQ Connect on Feb 4
Toronto (October 15, 2018) – On the final day of summer, 6 tornadoes tore across eastern Ontario and western Quebec. Among the tornadoes was an EF3 which caused extensive damage and injuries from Kinburn, ON to Gatineau, QC. In addition, there was an EF2 that severely damaged a hydro station and many homes in Nepean, ON. Extreme weather can happen anytime and anywhere and, since over 80% of Canadians live in municipalities, major impacts can be felt when a disaster strikes in these populated areas.

CatIQ is thrilled to announce that the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) will host an interactive workshop at CatIQ Connect on February 4, 2019. This engaging workshop will provide ...  read more ...
Thursday, August 23, 2018 - FSA-Level Industry Loss Estimates Released for Fort McMurray Wildfire and May 2018 Southern Ontario
Toronto (August 23, 2018) – Catastrophe Indices & Quantification Inc. (CatIQ)  today released its first insurance industry loss estimates at the level of Canada Post Forward Sortation Areas (FSAs), for the Fort McMurray Wildfire and the May 2018 Southern Ontario and Quebec Windstorm. Primary insurers participating with CatIQ’s Industry Exposure Database (IED) were surveyed to produce these estimates, 2 years after the wildfire and 90 days after the windstorm. Subscribers to CatIQ’s IED can now compare estimates of the insurance industry’s property exposure and loss by FSA for these events. read more ...
Monday, July 23, 2018 - Registration for the Fourth Annual Canadian Catastrophe (CAT) Conference Opens Today
CatIQ is pleased to announce that registration for its fourth annual Canadian catastrophe conference, CatIQ Connect, is now open. CatIQ Connect 2019 is being held February 4-6, 2019 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. CatIQ Connect will kick off with a review of the events from 2018, which is sure to be interesting, given the weather activity in 2018 thus far. CatIQ Connect, formerly C4, is a content-driven conference designed to foster collaboration read more ...
Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - CatIQ Launches Insurance Industry Exposure Database for Canada, Developed in Partnership with PERILS
Toronto (June 27, 2018) – Catastrophe Indices & Quantification Inc. (CatIQ) marks a milestone today by launching Canada’s first ever insurance Industry Exposure Database (IED), developed with the support of the Canadian P&C industry and in partnership with Zurich-based PERILS AG. The IED contains 2016 and 2017 year-end estimates of Canadian industry property sums...  read more ...
Friday, April 20, 2018 - -
Toronto (April 20, 2018) – April marked the month that Canada exceeded 100 catastrophes over the span of a decade. The top four costliest events occurred in the latter half of the decade, all of which had eye-opening impacts on the Canadian insurance industry. Click below to read more about the top 5 costliest Canadian catastrophes since 2008.

 read more ...